12 thoughts on “what is exactly cryptocurrency?

  1. It’s interesting and very informative.But it’s disappointing to know that there is still no remedy to hacking

  2. This blog was a great insight into what exactly is a cryptocurrency and what are the advantages and disadvantages of it. Very informative.

  3. The real world needs a real currency and what a cyber world needs is an online currency that’s what it is called the cryptocurrency and it’s need in today’s world but what are the challenges and effects of that is detailed in this article

  4. This was probably the most simplified article on cryptocurrency covering the basics. Really well written. Personally, I would like India to introduce it as well and then regulate it accordingly.

  5. Although in India now dealing with cryptocurrency is legalized it is just the act of adding a new problem altogether with the existing ones. There are instances of misuse of it worldwide . Various frauds have been done and also of huge numbers with cryptocurrency and also data mining another regime. The question of the hour Is our law enforcement capable of handling such issues and cases?

  6. interesting and informative blog its a safe currency because in the block chain transaction if the chain gets broken i.e., the block chain then the whole code is disconnected and the data is fully safe at this stage of transaction also. so it is considered as a safe mode of transaction in which cryptocurrency. it is not yet legalized in every country but it is developing day by day and can be helpful in the time where cyber crimes are increasing and people are not trusting any app to do the transaction of money or transfer of data and the block chain system is safe and if it came in our country with more betterment it can be helpful. GOOD ARTICLE FOR ENHANCING KNOWLEDGE ABOUT NEW TOPIC WHICH CAN BE HELPFUL IN DECREASING CYBER CRIMES IN THE COUNTRY BECAUSE IT IS DIFFICULT TO HACK THE CODE EASILY.

  7. The article is generating a hope in the minds of the readers, that how cryptocurrency can be at larger level used to maintain the economy of the country if the solutions to the disadvantages can be achieved. Almost everyone might have used such method of money transfer, but were never well verged that this is called method of transaction through cryptocurrency.This mode of transaction can be very much useful in generationg Indian economy with much security especially when country is facing huge pandemic, any other emergency periods, there by with full security. if put into action…on larger scale…..

  8. Cryptocurrency will be a major factor which could affect the us in both negative and positive ways. recently the supreme court of india made cryptocurrency as legal. This is a very useful article,.

  9. A very informative article on the bitcoin which we all are lured towards because of its high popularity, high value. just a small note , these currencies are generally used by cyber criminals so stay away from them if you aren’t confident of yourself that you can handle it carefully. Moreover , till now the RBI hasn’t approved any entity to deal with virtual currency so Its all on you .

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