19 thoughts on “Cyber crime against women

  1. This is actually informative article. It gives alot of information about the legal side of cyber crime with mentioning the sections of the acts like IPC and IT

  2. The article is nicely written. Another relevant section of the IT act with regards to cyber stalking is 66E which provides punishment for violation of privacy in the cyberspace.
    The recent case of the Bois Locker room has in a way brought an awareness among the mass about the various legal remedies available, especially for women who are constant preys to cyber crimes. The Indirect Representation of Women Act, 1986 also provides for some relief to women in addition to the legal provisions mentioned in the article.

  3. Amazing and very informative article. The article has brilliantly put different types of cyber-crimes and the punishment for the same in IT Act & IPC. With the recent cases of sexual harassment, this article will be helpful for the people to know about their rights and take actions accordingly.

  4. Women no doubt are more likely to fall prey to cyber crimes online. This is because of sexually motivated ill intentions or revenge etc. This article puts light on various aspects through which women are subjected to cyber crimes and how vulnerable they are on social media. More awareness should be spread about these punishable acts and the forums through which such crimes can be reported. Women should be encouraged to lodge complaints if they face such crimes online.

  5. I agree with the author completely that women are targeted more because of the ‘victim blaming’ nature of the society. They are considered as an easy target by the predators.
    It is a very helpful article and mostly for those girls who are in their teen years and are new to this cyber world.
    Very well written.

  6. A survey has found women more prone to cyber attacks than men. This article has highlighted the major cyber crimes against women and the relevant legislations to those.

  7. In vedic era women were respected but after that as we move towards the medieval era we can see a drastic change in the situation of women. This was due to our society and misinterpretation of the sacred texts and manipulation by the scholars of the texts. Women now face problem every where they go, they are not even safe in thier own home. It is sad to see that out of lust, greed or revenge even children of tender age are committing such offences it is important for the user to be very careful especially a women because the times are such that no one can be trusted.

  8. As we all know that mostly women became victim of such offences, this Article give us information about those offences which were done by using modern technology.

  9. No doubt that women are victims of such crimes in most cases. They have to face many problems like blackmail and they are very sensitive in this case also, they thought about their family and the society and hence one of the reasons to get mentally harassed. This article explains the various crimes committed against women in the cyber world. There is a need for proper implementation of those laws to reduce the rate of such crimes.

  10. informative article with the situation in the present time that the women are becoming the victims of cyber crime and for this the people must get the information of how to be safe and what are the provisions for the victims are mentioned in the article.

  11. Cybercrimes against women happen at a very large scale. women are harassed, stalked, blackmailed on social media, this also causes a mental trauma to them. The article was very informative .

  12. This blog is very useful to understand. According to the National Commission for Women data there is a significant increase in cyber crimes against women during lockdown.

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