15 thoughts on “What can be called “fake news” ?

  1. Very informative article. Well classified and detailed description on the different forms of fake news.

  2. This article has rightly enlisted the ways to identify fake news very well. This was helpful and worthy to read. good one

  3. Very instructive article!!
    That’s exactly what everyone needs to ensure before sending or sharing a piece of information.

  4. An informative piece about a serious issue. The article rightly lists various types of fake news and examines legal provisions available to regulate and govern such activities. The article provides helpful input in identifying such fake news. A concise and conclusive piece of information that will be helpful for every active digital media user. The views expressed are my personal opinion that are open to criticism.

  5. Media is acting as a double side in a way of consuming news. Fake news is considered as the other side of the media.The extensive spreading of fake news by social can create negative impact on the society

  6. The above article completely helps the readers to understand how fake news is being spread. The article furthermore includes information on how to identify fake news providing tips. Followed by the punishment for some actions with reference to the law. Fake news can create chaos especially in times like this. STOP SPREADING FAKE NEWS.
    great article.

  7. Very insightful article, Thanks, author!
    Fake news has always been circulated in India, it is essential to create a safe digital space with true information. It’s the time when the people need themselves to be aware and strive to know the real-world scenario by legitimate sources and means. FAKE news can be very dangerous and many people blindly believe the Whatsapp forwards and start panicking. This can lead to disturbances in society taking into consideration the present situation of COVID-19 Pandemic.

  8. Great Article and provide Accurate information about fake news.
    These days one should not rely on fake news. Fake news is becoming a new trend.

  9. Fake news have become even more rampant in the times of corona virus which makes the situation even worse.
    The author has done a great job in providing us the accurate information on this issue.
    The section of identifying the fake news was much needed as people blindly follow the news they come across without using their own judgement.
    Good job!

  10. Outstanding article as it describes the types of fake news. Nowadays, people creates fake news for few likes and forward it to others while others also do the same without thinking about consequences.

  11. One of the major problems on front of government is to deal with the issue of fake news. The impact of fake news on users mind is quite dangerous as many a times fake news results in indulgence of people in violent activities and it is difficult to trace the source as it is rampantly shared by users. The author has given insights over laws in this regards and ways to identify fake news which is quite useful.

  12. Fake news has always been a pain in the neck and specially the ones in WhatsApp groups. This is a very enlightening articel and more servillance should be done online because fake news many a times cause very serious problem as mentioned in the article. Elder people who are new to social media platforms are fooled really easily by these fake news and form their opinions according to them which is really very harmful in a bigger picture because it changes even the political opinion of the majority which leads to formation of wrong government many a times. Therefore as mentioned in tje article fake news should be dealt with more strictness and we all complain about it and not just ignore it if we recognise the fake news.

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