15 thoughts on “List of main causes of cyber crime

  1. This article highlights the main causes of cyber crime. it identifies the factors which lead a person to commit cybercrime.

  2. Enlightening article!!
    The article lists out the reasons and intentions behind most of the cyber crimes and is really helpful.

  3. It is very important to know the causes of any problem in order to prevent oneself from being a victim of it. The article, by pointing out to the causes of cyber crime, has done an appreciable job. Government should also try to know the causes of cyber crime so that they comes in a better position to stop cyber crimes from betiding.

  4. Having information about the main causes of cybercrime is useful. The information provided takes us through different types of cybercrimes and dew reasons why they are committed. Any emotional or physical feelings can lead to committing a crime is what we understand from the article. Whatever may be the motives behind the crimes committed the outcome is always devastating.
    Good article.

  5. Cyber crime is a growing menace that we need to combat. In order to prevent them, it is absolutely essential to understand the underlying causes that motivate such crimes in the first place. Thus, the article is quite relevant in that regard. By trying to attack these causes at their very root and spreading awareness, it may be possible to alleviate the situation.

  6. It’s important to know the causes of cyber crime this article told all about it ,impressive sentence framing and knowledgeable article well written imparting basics of why this cyber crime happen

  7. A nice article and it is more of like a guide for knowing the main causes of cyber crimes.
    Good article to read if one wants to know about the main causes of cyber crime.

  8. Well written article.
    Author has tried to throw light to all the possible causes of cyber crime and its really helpful for the readers.

  9. The author has tried to incorporate all the major causes of cyber crime and explained it really well. Cyber crime is more prevalent among youths because of their easy vulnerability. With increasing awareness and a developed set-up to fight against these crimes, it can be avoided.

  10. Well addressed topic it was. To find a solution to a problem, we must first find the root cause of such problem, and in this article, main causes of cyber crimes are discussed. This kind of awareness should reach every individual so as to avoid being a victim of any of the cyber crimes.

  11. I gained a lot of knowledge by this article. mainly everybody discuss about the issue how to protect us from cyber crimes but the main reason behind this problem. we should find the cause and then try to cure it.

  12. The article simply explains about the list of main causes of cyber crime which is highly informative and beneficial to be aware of the causes of cyber .

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