1. My point of view would be that i dnt think for any person to be a cyber specialist or to promote and protect cuber security there is a need of any specific gender . Either male or female . Being a human being is enough. See humans are the only creature who have developed their minds. They have created and invented things like internet , electricity, etc. And that is what makes us unique. After getting so credentials and being so mature . It would be a waste of time to involve gender in each and every field . Hackers or breachers of cyber security dnt have a particular gender , nor is it required for the ones who saves the data.

  2. Firstly, I would like say that this article was extremely well researched and I am surprised at the number of examples given. Really well done.
    Coming to the issue, here is where the irony lies. A study in America showed that when it comes to hackers, as against popular belief, the percentage of female hackers is more. Which means that females our there are ready and capable of learning the nits and grits of technology. It’s the inherent mindset of the people that women aren’t into technology is what is creating the problem.

  3. Women participation in IT sector and cyber crimes is the need of the hour. A lot of women experience ill treatment on social media platforms, it could be through memes, videos, gender specific posts etc, but they do not take any action against it. The reason is lack of knowledge regarding the actions that can be taken againts such people promoting these ideas and the fear of being judged on social media by people who do not agree with them, people may start criticizing them and calling them too sensitive and that they propogate a wrong idea of feminism, as is trending on social media nowadays.
    Encouraging women participation in IT sector and cyber crimes can be done by making it an important subject in school, encouraging them to apply for short courses which focus on making social media a safer and better place for women. Also women are able to understand such issues better than men because maybe they themselves have experienced it or got to know about it through some friends. Educating them about the IT act and the forums through which such cases can be reported can improve their participation.

  4. The article has really come up with good stats and research work. The participation of women in cyberspace may lead to better ideas to eradicate and remove crimes happening online. They can invest new ideas which can secure social platform.

  5. The need of women is in every sector as well the IT and cyber world needs woman by reading this article it is known that how a women can help and provide help for people

  6. This article is very informative as this one has good stats and research work. This article also helps a woman to provide help to other people.

  7. Article depicts the deep study on the subject. starting from the past, it covered the women participation till date with statistics.

  8. In India women security and thier involvement in business is often ignored but it is essential that for any stream, field, subject, topic or work women can be of very resourceful.

  9. well researched and explained article which has clearly explained as the topic given that why it is important to employ women in IT’s and how they can get awareness and what are the needs of the society to enhance this situation and make it better. cyber security must be known by everyone but mostly the victims of these crimes are women so they most preferably needs to learn about it so as to decrease the female victims of cyber crime it is important to employ female workers so that they can learn and spread awareness about it in the society which can lead to great difference and help the needy one. and as it is said at last in the article that it is good for society, so it can help to make it much safer place if the women’s will get the knowledge and it is written it is good for business which states that women are good at managing so they can manage the work and make the work more interesting with lots of development in the workplace or work and last it is good for women so it would be easier for women to be safe if they know how they can be.
    this article is written in a perfect way that the reader can understand what the writer wants to convey through this article.

  10. I didn’t realise the pros and cons of having women working for cybersecurity until I read this article , specifically in India , women need to hold the reins and take security to a higher level , which can then benefit the nation as whole.

  11. Nice article, raising voice for maximum participation of women in the IT sector and Cyber Security sector. It will not only help the women in massbut help the nations by empowering them as well as helping securing the cyber activities from various threats at larger level. The womens in these sectors when trained can even prove to be source of economy to themselves as well as with the brilliant minds can help teaching the forth coming generations already brilliant in the field of cyber security and advancements. The gender related issues say the womens facing cyber stalking and haressment also would be dealt at national level and international level at large…… The article proves to be guiding point for various authorities and government for women empowerment of their respective countries……..

  12. According to the cyber security ventures, there will be up to 3.5 million jobs openings by 2021.Meanwhile, women make up only 20% of the cyber security workforce. While that’s up from a mere 11%in 2013, there’s still a lot of opportunity to be seized in cybersecurity careers.

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