1. Identity theft probably is the biggest concern when it comes to our country and related cybercrimes. And due to th lack of knowledge..there is hardly anything people can do .

  2. Information security uses traditional methods in order to protect presonal information, maybe a better method can be designed and used which offers more security. The personal information available should only be accessed when permission is granted by the authority incharge or by the person whose information is stored, this can lessen the risk. Eg -OTP can be the way to access the information stored.

  3. Security is the state of being free from danger. Its high time the people come up with having conversations over informatiom security and keeping their personal and day to day life a bit restricted. The digital platform is a wide area and it comes with both pros and cons. While it makes our life easier to live, it also makes it difficult at times due to third party interruption in our social media accounts. People are made victims of cybercrimes and threatened online. Due to lack of knowledge the victims cant even take further actions on it.

  4. This article provides an overview of security of the information and how to use and handle it.

  5. well explained the security related challenges to the users and what laws says about it.

  6. The article speaks about the challenges globally but should also include data of India and Indian laws also. Unless very informative and helpful for researchers.

  7. Security is major to us. as we dont discuss our problem in public it remains private we should maitain all this decoram in online world also.

  8. Threats of information security is well explained. There is a need for articles like this explaining people about the depths of security as well as the protection from any sort of crime.

  9. Finding all the important details at a single place is hard , but this article mostly covers everything , would like to see one which goes in greater depth and understanding।

  10. This article mainly discusses the crucial issue of security. It explains the purpose of information security and its threats. Personal information should be secured because they are misused in many ways. We have the famous judgment of K.S.Puttaswamy v UOI related to the right to privacy matter and it should be maintained.

  11. The article at basic key note is dealing with the concept and mechanism of information security. At larger point if said, it has much relevance in our day to day lives. for eg- for various departments, organizations, firms, government agencies, companies, etc. All of them are having a lot of infomation saved say be online or in devices. These are the ones having really confidential matter. In today’s era there is a lot need for advance in digital forensics, cyber forensics, as day to day advancements in the rate and varieties of cyber crimes increasing day by day, to protect such informations.The article would have turned to be more interesting if certain laws and cases would have also be brought in with plenty of suggestions, helping readers more know about the topic…..

  12. This article effectively explains how information security and its threat. In this digital era any individual, organisation, company, or even the government stores its information online. thus it becomes necessary to protect this information from any cyberattacks and threats. this article explains everynthing in this regard.

  13. A very well versed and informative article about Information security ,which has become a major part in all our lives . The author has also talked about the CIA triad which lays the basis of information security . A good article which must be read by everyone to know what cybersecurity is . Although the article could be much elaborate and could have explained a lot more ,but still , i feel its a good read.

  14. The article deals with the concept and mechanism of information security. The article also explains the threats of information security. This article is an outstanding one which is highly informative that one can be aware of the information security threats

  15. Overall good article. But i think this information can get easily by googling. I started to read this article because it was written by research Intern so think it was interesting and gives information about his own research on this topic.Does not meet the expectations but thank for your valuable time and practices to write this informative article.

  16. this article clear some of my confusion regarding information security. thank you for the information.

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