8 thoughts on “Protect children from cyber crime

  1. Parents play an important role in protecting their children from such cyber crimes. This article mentions how a parent can prevent such things to happen.

  2. Children are more vulnerable to cybercrime, now’s day most of illegal websites always try to wash child mind.
    In that situation parents have to take extra care of their children. If children are using phones then parents have to enable kids mode in phones.

  3. Very instructive article indeed!!
    The article well addresses the major concerns of parents amid pandemic situations where all if their studies have shifted from pen and paper to internet and video conferences. Children are highly endangered to Cybercrimes since they are unaware of pros and cons of internet and websites to operate. Herein it is the allegiance of the parents to keep an eye on their children while the use internet and ensure that they use passwords and child lock sort of alternatives to restrain such content to pop up.

  4. This article made me nostalgic.
    Back when I was a kid who likes playing online games and downloading them I faced many problems like multiple explicit contents advertisements. Suddenly when parents come and see it was really awkward and things went bad. For this not to happen parents must help out their kids with this. Tell them about the disadvantages of internet. Make them aware of the things that are not good for them at their age. Talk to them about not entering into unknown platforms.

  5. These days, children are more tech savvy, than the children of yore, or even adults are. But being innocent, they don’t understand the perils of the cyber space and hence are easy prey to cyber crimes. Thus, it is absolutely essential that parents and adults around children take every possible measure to protect the naive children. The article, in that respect, is very useful since it lists some of the measures that parents can take, along with international legal instruments that deal with the same subject matter. A very informational article!

  6. This article beautifully explains the role of parents towards their children concerning cybercrime-related issues. Those children who are new on the social media platform should properly be informed by their parents about the pros and cons of the same. This article explains nicely about their roles. The mentioned international instruments are also quite informative.

  7. The article is brilliantly written and well defined as Children are more vulnerable to cybercrime, now-a-days most of illegal websites always try to wash children mind.Children are highly endangered to Cybercrimes since they are unaware of pros and cons of internet and websites to operate.This article is highly informative that it can produce awareness to protect their children from cyber crimes

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