6 thoughts on “Measures for avoiding coronavirus scams.

  1. Amid the pandemic panic, there has been rise in the usage of Internet for entertainment, socialising, working from home, and to get updates on Covid-19. And taking advantage of this situation, the cyber criminals found an opportunity to feed on it.
    This article enlists measures to protect ourselves from corona virus scams.

  2. This is an very instructive and enlightening article reveling how and why the scams are increasing during this pandemic. People are misusing the situation for their own benefits and committing crimes over the internet. Shame on such peoples!!! We on individual basis cannot stop them from practicing such crimes. All we can do is take some measures to protect ourselves and our loving ones from getting trapped by the attackers. This article has enlisted very well the measures one should take to avoid the scams. Thumbs up!!!!!!

  3. Absolutely true and enlightening article
    Coronavirus scams are spreading almost as quick as the infection itself. As of May 6, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had logged in excess of 21,400 misrepresentation objections identified with the flare-up. Casualties have revealed losing gigantic sums because of such scams.Fraudsters are utilizing the full set-up of trick instruments — phishing messages and messages, robocalls, impostor plans and that’s just the beginning — and intently following the features, adjusting their messages and strategies as new clinical and monetary concerns emerge.

  4. A simple informative article that has a practical importance in current times. The article has dealt with a contemporary and pressing issue of scams in the pandemic. The article can be understood by a layman and can be practically implemented to ensure digital safety. The guidelines are comprehensive and consist of all such scams in various forms.

  5. With the pandemic hitting the entire world, we all are confined to our home, with internet serving as a virtual world now, more than it ever had. All of our social/work interactions have shifted online, making this time as a boon for cyber criminals. In such a scenario, the article is very relevant and useful since it lists various measures to identify and avoid fraud and fake news online.

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