1. Very informative article, the primary idea of electronic evidence is to sanctify proof by secondary evidence. This facility of proof by secondary evidence would apply to any computer output, such output being deemed as a document . A computer output is a deemed document for the purpose of proof. Thanks for the article!

  2. Very knowledgeable article, and the best part about this article is that it has been explained with the examples and facts of case laws with judgement, which helps to get the complete knowledge and understanding.

  3. The article is very useful for a person interested in cyber law. With the help of examples or real cases, the practical application of the concerned articles is shown which is actually an appreciable thing. It is informative too. Moreover, the problems of the court in considering an electronic evidence has also been put forth properly.

  4. The article is worth reading as it has briefly described the recent cybercrimes and by knowing them, one will be in a better position to prevent oneself from being a victim of the cyber crimes.

  5. Electronic evidences are much difficult to deal with for the courts as they can be easily falsified or faked. But with appropriate technology and proper ratification of them, they could change the outcome of a case; and this article truly justifies this point.

  6. The author explains the concept of electronic evidence very precisely. The author breaks down the sections dealing with the same in the IT Act, that ensure that only genuine evidence is admitted as valid, as far as possible. The article also deals with the use of electronic evidence in matrimonial disputes.

  7. The article provides the readers with new and interesting information. The above mentioned information is very important and also beneficial from legal aspect. Very well written.

  8. A very well written article . Research for this article is to be appreciated. Very nicely and precisely written talking about most of the aspect of the topic.

  9. An amazingly drafted article, elaborately describing in detail about e-evidences. The author has done a thorough research on the topic. I like to add, the author uses too much of legal language, which might cause a little hindrance to a person of non-law background. Besides this, the author has done a great job in touching almost every sphere related to e-evidences, their pros as well as cons, their administration, etc.

  10. very knowledgeable article about the cyber crime and their precautions, also gives the guidelines to protect from cyber crimes.

  11. The author has well researched on Section 65 B of Indian evidence Act and E- Evidence. The Article is well supported with examples and illustration along a question not yet decided by the Apex Court.

  12. This is a very relatable article and talks about cases occurring in the real world. for anyone out there that is a victim of such heinous crimes this could be a great article to read. it proves that things dont only happen hypothetically but in all seriousness as well. it is extremely precise and very informative and educating in general is i would list this under one of those articles that are must reads.

  13. explanation of law is a very good idea to write an article on as laws are drafted in legal language and besides the people of law fraternity find it difficult to understand and so imparting knowledge to people of what actually our law means and in what way or to what extent they can be helpful in providing relief to the injured .knowledgeable a complete information provider about how different evidences can help the victim in getting relief from the culprit as people should know what evidences are acceptable and what not ,having this information can help a lot .good article

  14. The writer has done a wonderful job in this article. It was informative and well-written.The legal language used in this article was perfect but it can be difficult to understand for some people. Overall, a good article.

  15. This article shows that how electronic evidence effective in cyber related crimes .. got to know very useful information .thank you..

  16. NO DOUBT the article gives intricate knowledge about the subject but a brief introduction would be preferred before throwing the provisions of law because not every individual understands the legal language and jargon so a short background would have made it better for sure otherwise very well done.

  17. This article clears the view of electronic evidence and talks about who all are permissible to present in the court of law as if most of us think all electronic evidences are permissible in court which is not correct

  18. The author has precisely taken into account most of the aspects of Section 65 B and explained the concept of admissibility of electronic evidence. Tn addition, an electronic evidence is only admissibile when an certificate is attached to it however this was later on relaxed by the Supreme Court in the case of Shafhi Mohammad v. The State of Himachal Pradesh.

  19. The laws regarding electronic evidence have explained, however, the article lacks a proper introduction and conclusion. The author dived right into the laws without talking about what electronic evidence is.

  20. The article provides the readers with new and interesting information. Very well written.

  21. Electronic evidence is difficult to be trusted as it can easily be faked but it is also useful on the other hand as it can help the officers to get to the culprit.

  22. The article is highly informative ,The article provides various insights to the topic of electronic evidence, which are unknown to the people at large.

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