1. Great article. I especially laud the writer for emphasising the importance of creating strong passwords and calling the right person to help. These two measures although seemingly simple, require common awareness.

    1. Criminal activities carried through computer or internet.unahthorized acces or modification of data.phishing scams, identify thefts, Online harrasssment,cyber stalking,invasion of privacy are considered as the major cyber crimes.These are considered as the activities related to cyber such as investigation support for cyber crime,cyber operations,cyber trained police,cyber partnership,

  2. Wonderfully drafted, Cyber Crime today is like a part and parcel of our human society, We have to accept this fact and to live with it.
    The main issue what I personally observed and felt is that the victims, means maximum of the persons who suffered cyber crime are afraid and feared to raise their voice against such crimes, which somewhere gives courage to such criminals to continue what they are doing, Thanks for quoting the websites on which the complaints against cyber crimes can be made by the victims, it will surely going to help hundreds of victims to raise their voice against the wrongs and recklessness of such criminals.

  3. Amazingly written. Cyber crime is really engulfing us day by day. as attractive the technoogy looks, equal deterioration of ours. Therefore, this becomes very much necessary to keep in mind the preventive steps.
    writer has very simply cleared it and intimated us all.
    Great Wok..

  4. Amazingly written. Cyber crime is increasing with the pace of time and it gets very necessary for all of us to maintain proper prevention. Writer here has very nicely and clearly mentioned the common prevention. Also, i found it very intresting that the websites on which the complaint could be done is attached , making it easy for the readers.
    Great work.

  5. A very informative article! The writer has explained in very simple terms about cybercrime and how to tackle it so everyone can understand it. It is worth mentioning that the author has taken a right path to link the sites for cyber crime as it is increasing day by day and everyone should know about this.

  6. The article covered almost every basic precautions an individual can take to protect them from the cyber crimes. one thing that can be added to it is the extent to which the privacy should be exposed over the virtual world. In a country like ours where the technology is moving at such a rapid speed the laws associated to it are still very behind due to which there is lack of privacy regime and lack of data protection laws. To be more specific there is no specific legislation which covers data protection, that’s why it is very essential to make people aware of things associated to their privacy, as to how much they can share , what all information can be made public , what all information are covered by the sensitive personal information clause .

  7. Through this article we came to know what is cyber crime.But still people are becoming victim of it.Recently my sister’s facebook id got hacked and we are unable to get it back.People are still suffering from it.And cyber crime taking life of individaul.Young boys and girls are attempting suicide when their account got disabled.People have to be intelligent while using these technology so taht we can use it properly while getting less loss to maximum utility.

  8. Very well-drafted and clearly explained the definition of Cyber crime. Cybercrime, or computer-oriented crime, is a crime that involves a computer and a network. The computer may have been used in the commission of a crime, or it may be the target. This Article is very useful.

  9. The article has very beautifully explained the meaning of the cyber crime. The writer has explained the definition in two ways (Firstly in in a narrow way then in a broad way), this is a very appreciable thing. The tips which have been given in the article are also very useful. They aren’t complex so everyone is in a position to use them.

  10. Amazingly written. Cyber crime is really engulfing us day by day. as attractive the technoogy looks, equal deterioration of ours. Therefore, this becomes very much necessary to keep in mind the preventive steps.

  11. Great article. Beginning of the article gives the reader about the basic but most important information about what cybercrime actually is. Followed by how does one not fall into the hooks of the hackers. As atrocious, the work of these hackers seem to be and are a real threat to anyone who is an internet user. Few measures to be taken are mentioned in a great manner. Again the end is definitely a great work with reminding the readers about the main things. Such as creating difficult passwords, managing social media, etc. From the beginning, this article carried the message and delivered in a great way.

  12. Technology related articles are often considered too hard to understand by people unrelated to them. But this article clearly explains the term cyber crime and methods to deal with it. The writer has focused on all the important and basic things that every person needs to be aware of, so that they remain safe from these crimes.

  13. The article defines technical terms like cyber crime, which are usually considered to be difficult to understand by laymen, in a very simple manner. It also clearly explains the medium of these crimes and throws light on some of the precautionary measures that we need to adopt in order to protect ourselves from these crimes. Overall, a very well-done job.

  14. It is a well drafted article , explaining clearly the definition and category of Cyber Crime in a very simple and straightforward fashion. It also explains the measures to be taken by an individual to protect his or her system and personal information from the Cyber miscreants. It increases awareness in the subject.

  15. The content of the article is very informative and covers all aspects of cyber crime. It is a good piece of information which provide the readers with ways to protect ourselves from cyber crime as well as gives a good introduction to the crime.

  16. Now I know the exact meaning and definitions of cyber crime. This was so well written, original. Helped me to learn more about cyber crime and terms related to it. Thank you for this article

  17. Though it was a productive article, it can be more informative as it describes cyber crime very nicely but some more information related to it could be added to make it more fruitful.

  18. A very well drafted article, short, crisp and precise. the author has done a commendable job on explaining what exactly cyber crime is in a very simple language. apart for a few syntax errors, which can be ignored easily, I’d like to suggest that had the author mentioned some stats and figures, the article could have been even better. The best part about the article was solutions that it provides that helps the consumer from cyber crimes and fraud. Author not just mentions them, but has also explained them in such a simple manner, that any layman could understand it. The mention of the links at the end of the article is commendable on the part of the author.

  19. This is a wonderful article which easily explains cybercrimes and how the criminals uses computer as a tool. It also provides methods to tackle these crimes. These are strong password, set your social media profiles private, protect your computer using softwares and always call the right person for help.

  20. very knowledgeable article about the cyber crime and their precautions, also gives the guidelines to protect from cyber crimes.

  21. I appreciate the author for providing good information like rainbow table attack and brute force attack in the article and countermeasures to tackle cybercrimes

  22. Article is on cyber-crime and hoe to protect our-self from cyber-crime so to use strong password and other preventive measures are illustrated .

  23. i think the very format of this article is impressive because a lot of people dont exactly know what cyber crime is. and it is extremely importance we understand the meaning of it entirely. it is very sincere and honest mistake that we dont take seriously. i think its about time we start looking at this in a new perspective.

  24. a brief explanation of cyber crime and telling people how to tackle it ,basic and clear information provided, nicely drafted to the point article. Each and everyone is using internet nowadays many of their personal information is required to access anything online this information needs to be protected making people aware about it is a first step towards eradication of this crime .

  25. The article has covered all the basics one needs to know before getting into anything related to cyber crimes, it gives a proper glimpse of the issue/ offence and also explains how one can help himself to save from being a victim of the trap.

  26. A simple article with essential information. The subject matter was good, it explained cyber law and how to prevent it. The prevention tactics were written in Bold to attract the attention of the readers which was effective. Overall, a good article introduces cyber law and the prevention methods.

  27. This article covers all the information one needs to know . And the information and links provided are very helpful for all the people. The prevention measures were written in bold to attract the reader is really nice.

  28. A simple and knowledgeable article. Very well written and the idea of writing perventive measures in bold is really a great idea.

  29. Must known things and advice to follow when you are using internet or social media apps. Carelessness has no space when you are online so be aware

  30. This article is truly an exception as it addresses the basic issues that we can face in our day to day carrying and i really like the social media section because what’s more needy is to educate people about social media and its risk since most of the perpetrators stay on our handles and breach our security to commit a crime.
    The article is well written and also gives information regarding how you can save yourself from being a perpetrator.
    great work,really appreciate it!

  31. A concise article , with a brief knowledge of using computer as a tool for crime and what possible measures we can take to protect ourselves from cyber crime.

  32. Perfectly written. Cyber/internet related crimes have been on a rise since the time internet started evolving. Primary reason for this was to extract money from unsuspecting victims. Other than that terrorism and bullying are also some of the common reasons.

  33. The article is informative. It provides basic understanding of cyber crime and some precautions that ought to be taken care of. The article successfully conveys to its readers the threat that cyber-crime poses.

  34. The term has been defined well, however, there is no proper introduction to the article nor is there a proper conclusion. The font after a point is too big and slightly unpleasant for the reader’s eyes. There is no personal touch to the article.

  35. A very informative article, the writer has explained in very simple terms about cybercrime and how to tackle it.

  36. This article is we important for security of data and personal information because some individuals are not aware about the cyber crime in much detail like online hacked or digital devices .

  37. This article gives us the basic information of the term cyber-crime and it explains the basic ways to be an organized user. We are indulged daily on the internet related matter and hence we should be aware of certain normal ways to be a secure user and protect our system. This will help us a lot and same id done by the article.

  38. The article is short and simple about the cyber crime and also the types of cyber crime .This article is beneficial for every online user. The proper segregation makes it easier to grasp the content and understandable.

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