1. Data protection and privacy are two very important aspects of increasing cyber crime in India. Just to protect their confidential data and maintain privacy, companies around the world are spending crores. The data protection bill is something beneficial for not only the companies but also the individuals. Article 21 of constitution of India itself includes right to privacy. The article covered all the necessary aspects of data protection and privacy, providing us all the information at one single place.

  2. Good article but some more elaboration abt aim of bill is preferable! This bill implemented will empower the effectivity of IT provisions related to data privacy and hold entities processing data of individual responsible for any unethical activity thereby putting restrictions on cyber criminals.under this aggrieved party can make complete use of remedies available U.A 21 of C.O.I ! This bill will establish effective data protection authority in india

  3. Nice information article… I would like to add on in the bill for data protection was suggested for to provide for protection of the privacy of individuals relating to their personal data, specify the flow and usage of personal data, create a relationship of trust between persons and entities processing the personal data, protect the fundamental rights of individuals whose personal data are processed
    The revised Bill (2019)was criticized by Justice B. N. Srikrishna.

  4. I am seemingly hopeful about the implications of upcoming Personal Data Protection Bill that is yet to be enacted. The government has already made frequent changes that are subject to debate regarding the data of users being shared with the authorities for investigation purposes. It would also be interesting to see what the apex court has to mark on it, in case we see some developments on the Bill and possibly Act in future.

  5. A great topic, Data privacy can misused in many ways, like terrorism, fraud , phishing etc. Great work .

  6. this article about data and privacy is still a question on security of indiviual whether they are safe or not .while violation of the law and right to privacy article 21 it acts a catastrophic to humanity .hence by this sort of information given by the author will be going to fettered from making further mistakes

  7. Data protection and privacy both are important to be discussed as it is need of the hour to make people aware about them. With evolution of technology, people are becoming more dependent on electronic means.
    This article not only talk about privacy and protection in general sense but also talk about legal provisions related to it.
    This article is very informative and well written.

  8. This Article is very useful as we get to know about relevant Act and sections related to it.

  9. Data protection is an question of hour because this question comes to mind of every user. Very recently it was found that zoom should be banned because the company was selling it’s user’s data . BHIM was also reported to be of vulnerable towards data attack. Simple principle is that anything over internet can be hacked into and this is a fact one way or the other. We need a better legislation, better system so that we can make our data safe from these. New technologies can be used in doing this.

  10. Data protection and privacy are most likely terms for cyber security . Need to be more secure update your system install anti virus

  11. Data protection and privacy are the major concerns of today and knowing about the laws that protect them and how they do so is the need of the hour . A good informative article.

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