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  1. Very informative and direct, this article should be read by everyone. Cyber bully is equally distressing as physical bullying is and the affects should not be discount. Has our country taken any measures for discouraging online-bullying? Or any helpline numbers to report the same. If these information were also provided it would have been a cherry on the cake.

  2. The article explains the ways one faces bullying over net in easy to understand language. However, I think a bit more of info could be added as to how and where to report such acts, what impact does it have and other aspects.

  3. The article beautifully categories The types of cyberbullying – explaining each of them and differentiating between similar terms.
    Here’s some things I have concluded from the topic –

    The important methods that can be used in order to prevent oneself from falling into any of these categories could be :
    1. Not sharing sensitive data online
    2. Keeping your Social Accounts not too much privately detailed. Even if done so, that should be specifically shared with only known Contacts
    3. Not disclosing personal information with random strangers on internet

    The other forms of cyberbullying like trolling, flaming, exclusion etc cannot be protected from but rather dealt with.

  4. Very informative as to what are kind of cyberbullying exists, these days all of the above stated cyberbullying prevails in the society but many of us are unaware and we don’t recognize those act as a cyberbullying, because of lack of knowledge, we often fell in the trap and become a victim of the same. Society needs education and awareness regarding the same. People need to become sensitive towards the same as these issue can harm mental health of other human being.

  5. Very nicely explained. But I have some doubts:
    1. What is the situation of these crimes In India?
    2. Is there any legal recognition for the same in India?
    3. What are the laws present to prevent or curb the situation?

  6. Very informative article highlighting the extent of cyber bullying and due to unawareness in society and lack of knowledge many people especially teens are becoming victim of cyberbullying and it’s a time to react on it and be aware for it as it affects the psychology of a person After analysing this article one can conclude various ways by which one can be prevented from all these activities by few basic preventive methods like
    1) Keeping your Social Accounts private and avoiding some personal information on it.
    2) Not disclosing personal information with random strangers on internet.

  7. This article contains the ability to clear the basic concepts of Cyber Bulling and the categorization helps me to know a basic concept of the types of different Cyber Bulling.

  8. Very simple, straightforward and crisp article which focuses on the cybercrimes taking place on social media handles. This is the information can every teenager should know in this middle school. Early teenagers are vulnerable to these type of cybercrimes and cause an appreciable adverse effect on their mental health and attitude.

  9. Cyber Bullying- Bullying is defined as intimidation aggressive behaviour through use of superior strength or dominant position. Cyber bullying refers to the same act through the electronic medium. Globally is India being third behind China and Singapore in Cyber Bullying.
    As, I was aware about the topic Cyber Bullying but this article has explained about cyber bullying in depth and after reading this I feel that this article has sharpen my knowledge.

  10. This is helpful nd awaring article and must be known to everyone in today’s digital world where lots of bullying has started taking plc on digital platform despite several measures ,leading to depressions among teens . possible prevention is not to reveal personal info on social media and to upload antivirus software

  11. The article is simple as that can be easily understandable about the cyber bullying.The article without getting deeper in to the concept it simply explains about the cyber bullying and types of cyber bullying which is helpful.

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