5 thoughts on “कोरोना काल में कोविड 19 रूपी हैकर्स का आपातकाल!

  1. It feels very bad when the world is going through a global epidemic and some people are robbing people through hacking for their own benefit. Such people take great pleasure in doing their own benefit and harm of others, such people think about themselves and forget others that they too are going through any problem. People who understand social media as their lifestyle think that there can never be online fraud with them, no one can hack their account, then they think it is wrong and due to their negligence, hackers get this opportunity. That they steal their personal information by hacking online and collect all their information and blackmail them and mentally hurt them. People who use social media very much and those people who upload their personal information on social media, all those people should be alert and know the ways to avoid hacking.

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