8 thoughts on “Unacademy data hacked

  1. The article made a good effort to aware people about the power of cyber criminals and to emphasize on the need of taking precautions on the part of users of internet. It is good that news source link is also given in the article.

  2. Very insightful article, even the large tech firms have to be serious about the security of customers data.

  3. my opinion has that matter the main problems were more and more advertising rather than every member of social media. maybe one reason for haked the data

  4. The article is insightful, emphasizing on how companies and organisation are very serious about their client’s personal information and the measures it took to mitigate the effects of hacking of personal information and disseminating it online.

  5. The article was brief but detailed. It explains how the details of the clients was hacked and what happened to their data. This article also throws light on how Cyble Inc. is trying to curb the wrongful use of the data. The one drawback in this article was the paragraph about Unacademy’s profits which seemed unnecessary in this article, just introduces it in 3 lines could have been enough. Other than that, this article was compact and up to the mark.

  6. Get to know about big companies serious concern over protection of customer’s data as they can face unauthorized access too from hackers.

  7. I have heard alot about this learning app though I have never used it but seen my younger cousins using this app and it is very sad to know that hacker’s are not even leaving educational sites made for the benifit of the students know.

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