1. Cyber Appellate Tribunal is one of the best steps taken to lessen the burden of courts as it specifically deals with cyber crime cases. The article provides us with all the information such as composition and powers of tribunal necessary in understanding the working of tribunal. The article even elaborates as to how one can appeal which is the main highlight of this article.

  2. Cyber appellate tribunals helped in lessening the burnden of the courts and through this article it is clear that what the cyber appellate tribunals do.

  3. The creation of cyber appellate tribunal has been very helpful in solving cyber crimes. A very good initiative

  4. Appeal is an right of the person who is aggrieved with the decision of a inferior court. But there may be some changes to jurisdiction of the court as to what cases can be maintained and what not this applies from act to act differently. Therefore it is important to know what jurisdiction is important in the cases here. Research done here is good although cases should be added here so that it can be better understood that what the courts think about the jurisdiction.

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