10 thoughts on “Financial frauds and bank policies

  1. Situations faced by many people, and even we can also get caught up in such situations if not act Smartly, great article

  2. There is no doubt that E -Banking has made our lives easier . But this ease comes with a lot of loopholes and risks. Everyone using e – banking must be aware of these frauds so as to know, how to tackle such situations in future. The article very well in simple words explains the same, also provides the procedure followed by banks in such situation.

  3. This Article have deep research on financial fraud and bank policy which everyone should be aware of.

  4. A very informative article on bank frauds . these fraud types and how to tackle them are the most important thing for a person after all no one wants to lose their hard earned money to some scammer

  5. Phishing is the most common way how the hackers snag the bank details . Recent attacks show that common problem of most financial frauds is because of the unawareness of the people . It is important to be very cautious while using online transactions .

  6. This must be one of the most important article that everyone must read as everyone should be aware of the financial fraud and bank policies.The article very informative that it explains about the types of fraud so that people would be aware of those frauds and also explains about the fraud detection procedure in banks which is really helpful to each one of us.

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