14 thoughts on “Contract Act connected with IT Act

  1. This article has beautifully summarized what contract act is and how it is connected to IT act.

  2. This article is beautifully summarised about how contract and it act are connected to each other….enjoyed reading it

  3. Very comprehensive and information article!!
    It very aptly and precisely puts forward the interrelationship of Contract Act and IT Act.

  4. A straight-forward informative piece establishing the relation between the Indian Contract Act with the Information Technology Act. Applicable situations and caselaws have also been mentioned for better understanding of the scope of such link.

  5. The article is very important especially for those law students who are studying contract in their universities as most of the universities of India does not teach much about the E-Contracts. Moreover, the interest of students of 1st and 2nd semester (in which contract subject is taught generally) will increase in the field of cyber law or IT act, by reading this article. Due to all these reasons the article is very important.

  6. It is enacted and executed by the way the way of software systems.It is supported by the information technology Act2000.It is generally different from oral and traditional contact

  7. The article provides essential information regarding the e-contracts, which are increasingly being used due to the rise of e-commerce. It discusses the validity of e-contracts in light of the IT Act and the Indian Contract Act, and also deals with illegal activities that can make the e-contract invalid, along with listing the relevant provisions for the same. Hence, it is extremely useful, considering its relevance.

  8. Article well explained the essentials to enter into a contract which is given in section 2h and the provision in IT act which allows contacts through electronic medium the relation between the two acts has been bought down gracefully .well structured and settled article

  9. A very comprehensive article on Contracts and IT Act. Since the use of E-contracts are becoming common, the frauds in it will also become common. Being a student who was already interested in cyber law, its interlink with contract has increased my interest.
    The author has given a perfect understanding on the topic.

  10. Very well penned down article by the author.
    As now days e commerce and e contracts are getting common so the frauds and crime related are also at extent.
    Being interested in cyber law the article is very helpful as having its link to contract.

  11. The author has very well drafted this article on a topic about which people are less aware. It is apt and informative and introduces its readers to various concepts regarding e-contracts and the potential threat that it incorporates.

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