13 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence’s Growing Threat

  1. Over the years, with the advancement of technology, there has been a rise in artificial intelligence. the pros of artificial intelligence are well known but the cons are never that highlighted. this article demonstrates how the cons of artificial intelligence overshadows its perks. It is a very informative article.

  2. This article provides necessary information about AI, If a lay man reads it he will surly get information about AI for awareness. Nice

  3. This article provides necessary information about AI, If a lay man reads it he will surly get information about AI for awareness. Nice

  4. From SIRI to self-driving vehicles, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing quickly. While sci-fi regularly depicts AI as robots with human-like qualities, AI can envelop anything from Google’s pursuit calculations to IBM’s Watson to self-ruling weapons. Artificial intelligence today is appropriately known as tight AI (or frail AI), in that it is intended to play out a limited errand (for example just facial acknowledgment or just web look or just driving a vehicle). Be that as it may, the drawn out objective of numerous scientists is to make general AI (AGI or solid AI). While tight AI may outflank people at whatever its particular assignment is, such as playing chess or tackling conditions, AGI would beat people at about each subjective errand.

  5. A good approach on a contemporary issue that requires serious attention. Currently, Artificial Intelligence is still in its primitive form. Technologies such as Machine Learning are being widely used and developed. Various governments throughout the world, including the Indian government, have been promoting the technology. Industries such as Healthcare and Agriculture in India have the potential to be deeply penetrated by Artificial intelligence. Although providing incentives, the Indian legal system is not ready for the technology. Regulatory measures for Machine Learning are an absolute necessity in these times. Machine Learning has and probably will, have a long standing contradiction with personal data privacy. To counter such privacy issues, innovators are constantly developing new techniques that promote innovation and safeguard data privacy, such as Federated Learning and Shared Machine Learning. These technologies have the power to safeguard clinical data in the Healthcare industry and financial data in the Investment and Banking industry.

  6. AI has become incredibly reliable. Though there are cons in this issue AI is a booming technology these days. As mentioned in the article AI helps in defence and offence for any governmental or private organisations. The estimation of the losses given in the article is absolutely correct. Also, the government is encouraging and building the AI sector.
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  7. As we compare AI to the Corona situation, health care require support of new technologies like artificial intelligence,internet of things to fight and look ahead against the new situations.Students develop AI voice tool to detect Covid19 ,cities go digital with robots are some examples of AI in current situation.

  8. With the advancement of technology, AI is conquering every aspect of our lives. We depend on it for almost all our tasks, from AI assistants like Siri and Alexa, to the social media. It has been a valid apprehension that AI can take over the human race, since they are already advanced in several cognitive aspects as compared to the human mind. At the same time, it doesn’t have the rational capacity that humans have. So, cyber criminals can easily use AI to commit cyber crimes. This article raises an important issue that needs to be addressed.

  9. Great Article ! It is quite dangerous for us when some people misuse the Artificial Intelligence.It like a weapon for a cyber criminal.

  10. The author has very well taken into account the possible threats of AI and how governments should address these in advance. Technology can either be used for destruction or construction. It is all upon humans as eventually they are the one who have created it and the eventual control of this lies in the hands of humans.

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