1. The acts of the students were preposterous. one doesnot know how many of such groups are currently existing and how many have stopped doing such activities after this incident. The Article is brief and informative, giving information about CCC and various provisions of IPC and IT Act.

  2. I know this case just as an headline type but this article gave me a complete view of the story.

  3. Now a days this is currently a very sensitive case .. it just shocking for me that how the students who are teenagers have done this disgusting offence .. and they all are studying in a elite public schools ..this article gives brief and informative information about ccc and other provisions under ipc and it act 2000.

  4. This was disgusting. One cannot expect from the teenagers to talk about girls like that. It was just shameful. Also, strict laws must be made for the acts like this.

  5. This is a very shameful act and currently a sensitive issue. We should refrain from doing such things, it has a worse effect on our society. The indulged persons were teenagers and such an act could spoil their further life. Everyone should use the social media platform for better things not for such abusive things. This article also discusses the provisions under IT Act, 2000, and IPC,1860 regarding the same issue.

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