9 thoughts on “2.9 crore Indian job seekers’ data leaked on Dark Web: Report

  1. It’s informative and quite shaking to know that how the Cyber criminals are taking the advantages of this pandemic covind 19 virus disease.

  2. This situation keeps happening in a matter of a few years but this blog is very interesting on how they used Covid-19!!

  3. Data privacy is one of the great concern during present times. And hacking is becoming common day by day.
    India needs strong cyber laws to prevent such situations from taking place in future.
    This article helps in keeping people informed about such crimes which is very important for them so that they can take proper precautions.
    Well written article. Keep up the good work.

  4. The future of cyber crime and security is this as far as I can understand. With the increased number of people going online, the criminals have a wider pool to choose their targets.

  5. dark web – part of internet non accessible to the people and requiring specific browser to access. The highly risky and the dangerous part of the internet. The article explains the all to know basically about the dark web in easy words.

  6. The threats we are facing are very alarming and at this rate we need better resources and better programs to prevent it effectively before anything much worse happen.

  7. Data privacy is the major problem now a days, as technology is increasing day by day need to be extra protected against spams and need to update all our system use anti virus.

  8. Data privacy is a myth and no one in safe in this internet age. the figures stated in this report are daunting and horrifying. As more and more people are using internet nowadays, it becomes quite easy for cyber criminals to access their data and using that with malicious intention.

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