4 thoughts on “Zoom is a not a safe platform

  1. Amid pandemic situations, the entire work load has been shifted to internet specially video conferencing apps like Zoom and Skype. And with increasing dependency on such apps, there is also an increase in terms of identity theft and data selling through such apps. In such a situation, rather than worthless crying over the identity frauds what we as a nation should focus on is to create similar a software of its own that is end to end encrypted and provides a safeguard to identify frauds.

  2. Because of the pandemic, most of the work is done online these days, from meetings of corporate giants to classes of primary school. In this situation, this article is helpful to the users of platforms like Zoom for conducting meeting and classes. It provides all the necessary safety measures that can be taken by us and also makes us aware of the current situation.

    very informative

  3. Zoom app is one of the most used meeting platforms nowadays in the situation where we have to maintain physical distance. This article makes us aware of the guidelines issued by the cyber coordination center regarding this app as it has some security issues. It also mentions safety guidelines for the users.

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