5 thoughts on “Why India needs to know cyber laws.

  1. The article makes interesting points about how there is threat to cyber crime with the growing dependency on Internet for entertainment, work etc. and emphasises on the need of making ourselves aware about cyberlaws.

  2. This article is well written and highlights our high dependence on internet and how that can be misused by cyber criminals

  3. Considering the rate of internet penetration in the Indian population it is absolutely important for Indians to educate themselves in basic cyber laws. The article has rightly provided emphasis on the same subject matter in a comprehensive article. The sociological importance of cyber laws in India has been pressed upon.

  4. It is very important to Indian audience to know about the cyber laws .. becoz now a days in India cyber crime spreading like a virus ..

  5. The article is captivating and covered the valuable points.It is really very important to make Indians aware of Cyber Laws.

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