Telegram Free Movie Download Safe or Not

I have recently seen some of the memes on Instagram where it was shown that each and every movie which is released on the OTT platforms can be downloaded from telegram for free. I was just surprised that how this can happen because people buy subscription and telegram provides us the free download link for these series and movies. I thought I should check this up and find out is it true or some prank has been done.
So I just created a account on the telegram and searched for the channels which can provide me free movie download links and I found many channels which provide these type of services as well you can request them for your movie also and they can give you the download link for free.
So, I requested for a movie link and the channel owner gave me the download link of the movie as I clicked on the link the link opened in my bowser and showed me some ads as well asked me to fill the captcha also,
I understood that they use link shortens to earn some money, that’s why they provide free download link to everyone. As I reached to the next step after filling captcha as well as clicking on some ads(by mistake), they asked me again to fill the captcha and I filled it, then there was a option “Get Link” to get the downloading link, as I clicked on the link something gets started to download in my device without my permission
When I checked the download file that was not my movie that was some txt file, I was just thinking what it should I ignored to that again reach to the browser and as previous I already reached to the second stage I again clicked on the “Get Link” it forward me to the next stage the third stage, I found there some of the options like Direct Drive, Panda, And many more. As I want to watch that movie, I clicked on the G Drive Link and suddenly movie starts downloading.
I waited till the movie downloaded and I found that the movie has downloaded 1.70 GB whether the movie was of 1.5GB I was just shocked that where those 200MB gone.
Now Its time for checking the device and I found that the txt file which was downloaded in the beginning was a piece of some suspicious code which was not detected by my device antivirus also, it has some code of python may it was a shell. Then as I searched more in my device, I found that one app was unauthorized and was running in background. As I observed it, I suddenly removed it from my device.
Telegram Is Safe or Not?
So, as per my observation it is better to buy a subscription and watch your favorite series or movies because it is offence, as piracy is illegal, the police can also file a complaint against you, as a matter of fact, if you downloads anything from telegram and the person provides you the service free, what is the behind this?
The reason is due to short linkers they earn some money, the short linker may deploy virus, malware, ransomware, spyware, etc. in your device without your knowledge and can send all your information to the hacker which is in the search of a victim and the hacker can blackmail, or sell all your information to someone else. There daily new type of suspicious programs designed and created by the hackers to manipulate public and earn some profit. This is a cyber crime and everyone thinks this is not to do piracy. Now a day’s piracy has taken a huge market everyone wants everything in free, they just don’t want to spend on the movies, software, etc. but they want to use them, and the hackers targets these types of people only.
So, it highly recommended that please don’t download any type of content from telegram and don’t be a part of cybercrime for piracy. Buy subscription by contributing with your family members or cousins or friends, but please don’t do any type of cyber fraud.
Telegram is a platform where people from different countries and states are connected to each other, they create channels, they create groups and shares there knowledge to other person but now, it is place like dark web there are many people which can may do fraud with you, they can ask money from you in exchange of some subscription or anything else and then block you up and you can’t do anything against them and boom you are ripped just for doing piracy, its better that you can add some money in them or contribute with your friends to buy the subscription and may be you were watching your favorite content without being ripped and without being doing any type of cyber fraud
So, it better to be safe online and be away from any type of cyber fraud or cybercrime and always watch any movie or series from an authorized platform.

Conclusion: –
In the end I will say that don’t download anything from an unauthorized platform, because this may lead you in danger as your privacy can be at danger.
Telegram is not safe.



  1. Very informative and well researched article. Especially since everyone is sitting at their homes and looking for way to kill time.

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