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  1. Beautiful article.NIC is doing very fantastic role of protecting our country even in this pandemic!also came to know about mygovt app,it’s very mandatory to act as per mentioned in sec 69 of it act and sec 5 of telegraph act which is not violative of those sections especially in public emergency case!Also ICERT as mentioned u/sec 70B set byNIc is doing applaudable work;!

  2. NIC is playing a crucial role in our country and through it pandemic problems are solving .it is quite informative article

  3. NIC is an approach towards digital India, a brainchild of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi a step towards creating an database of all the citizen this database is helpful for the government to mobilise policies and framing of law for the better of the society. India in response of covid – 19 pandemic created an app to collect database so that everyone can be secured at one go no doubt it is helpful for all of us but people have started to worry about it because government ‘s data is constantly being used by hackers. Time will only proof how useful NIC will be in future. Article gives a crisp and precise details about NIC it’s functions and all the things related to it. Commendable job by the researcher.

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