3 thoughts on “Mobile Addiction Replaces Drugs

  1. As described in this Article people are more prone to the digital world and this digital world created a new problem of mobile addiction today which is replacing drugs. Today people need digital detox as compared to other detoxes. This problem is mostly seen among the kids who are not even taking their meals without mobile phones. Many parents are concerned about their kids who are facing such addictions. They are taking their children to psychiatrists at various places such as Chandigarh, Amritsar etc. to help them to become emotionally healthy.

  2. This article aptly informs the readers a severe problem which is in front of us but is ignored by us.

  3. Phone addiction specifically in infants is increasing and can affect their wholesome development. When they spend a lot of time on phone, they are avoiding any physical activity and their eyes are also at a risk of damage since they keep phone screens close to their face.

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