18 thoughts on “hacking case explained with case laws

  1. Very informative article. The case laws help in understanding the process and safeguards along with legal help that can Ben seeked in such situations is even better.

  2. By reading the article, one can understand the practical application of various provisions of IT act and IPC. Case law, here, worked as examples and gave a better insight into the problems occurring due to technology.

  3. The article explains an incident of hacking, which is a cyber crime. The author has also listed the provisions under which the offender can be held liable, both civil and criminal. It also discusses a related case, giving a peek into how prevalent cyber crimes are in the society.

  4. Informative article. This article helps us in improving our knowledge of what laws there are for different crimes. The examples provided and the sections mentioned in which the crime comes under is really helpful.

  5. Very informative article! Thanks!
    It provides insights about the Facebook hack. People must be very careful while using social media and shouldn’t let out confidential information about their accounts.

  6. An amazing and highly informative article. The Article can be considered as a perfect case study, covering facts, legal provisions, as well as past judgments.

  7. Useful article,it provided knowledge of several crimes or hacking crimes committed nowadays and the relevant case laws which came in force in such cases.

  8. This article shows the true graveness and seriousness of cyber hacking. It’s a very harmful crime which can cause injury to a person.

  9. The use of case law along with the provisions makes this article useful and easy to understand even for a layman. Hacking is a crime which is very common and the young generation is easily able to learn it. In such a scenario, it is important to know all type of hacking that can take place through the case laws.

  10. WOW,the article is so much legally sound and the way it is explained is definitely tremendous job by the author.

  11. Well explained. Knowledge of such type of incidents inculcates a stronger consciousness for more protection and awareness on the part of readers.

  12. Indeed a great and informative article. By this article, everyone will be aware of such cyber crimes. And the author has explained the incident of Facebook hacking in detail with the help of other case laws regarding same subject.

  13. Very well penned down article by author and has tried his best to explain the concept of hacking and it will be very useful for the readers.

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