40 thoughts on “Legal Aspects of Cyber Defamation

  1. Very useful keeping in view the law aspects which are not easily known to the Cyber world

  2. Very informative and useful for layman . Great effort. Keep sharing such informative paper.

  3. Well researched, informative and nicely written. Keep up the good work Vidushi, all the very best to you!

  4. Indeed an insightful piece to read… quite relevant in current times to know the legality around this.

  5. This was very easy to understand and cleared alot of doubts?well researched and very helpfull.

  6. Nicely interpreted in a simple language so easy to understand, good job
    Keep it up & hope to see more this way .

  7. Social networking sites plays an important role in defamation, greatly written and very interesting

  8. Defamation in simple words means attacking someone’s reputation. Defamation is an offence under IPC defined u/s 499 and the punishment for same is prescribed u/s 500 of the said Act. online defamation is common these days on social media platforms but very few of us know that is is also a crime under IT Act,2000. This article is informative in all the ways possible by giving us information regarding the provisions related to such crimes. The article even mentions a case law which makes the concept all the more clear.

  9. Great Vidushi. Really very informative as well as having clarity of matter.
    Keep it up with more articles in the series

  10. Such an informative paper on the most popular topic these days in thr cyberspace.
    Way to go Vidushi.

  11. Such informative piece of writing by our very own intelligent and smart girl, well done Vidushi !!

  12. Yes this is true that by the increase in technology the crimes are also increasing with an alarming rate. And defaming anybody on any ground is not acceptable and call harm the soul of the individual.

  13. Due to increase in number of cases of online defamation, this article is very helpful for the victim of this crime.
    It provide people with the appropriate basic knowledge which they require to safeguard themselves and other from cyber defamation.
    Easy and simple to understand article.

  14. online defamation has been spreading its route through social media. People who are victim and people who are accused of the same should know the legality and solution to this. This article will be helpful to the people.

  15. This article is quite informative and explains in a nice manner about the background of online defamation through the platforms of social media. It explains the legal aspect of online defamation through different legislation in India. It also discusses the first case which means we come to know the origin or attention to this concept in the legal world of India.

  16. Defamation is the first thing we understand in law, it is a wrong of civil as well as of criminal nature. It is covered under torts however not used in Indian context the criminal aspect is most likely used. From the definition of IPC we can understand that defamation can be done digital also therefore this an new regime for law to deal. But the laws will be same for it as it is for a defamation done normally. A neat research can be seen here all the cases, and the information given is well adhered to and understandable.

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