1. Everybody delivering confidtial and iportant information must keep in ind the above said facrors. Good job done

  2. It will help the people who are interested in knowing more about the cyber terrorism.
    Very good research and writing skills.

  3. This was very easy to understand and cleared alot of doubts? well researched and well written.

  4. wow! this article made me aware of the dangers of cyber terrorism and was an important and intriguing topic to learn about. it was also extremely well researched was easy to understand. wonderful job 🙂

  5. A well articulated research work done. Need of the hour. Should reach out to more and nore people

  6. After reading the article ,the people will understand that cyber terrorists network are more dangerous to terrorists.
    A well written article in simple language .
    Good efforts.
    Congratulations to Vidushi.

  7. The article is being well structured and researches as it elucidate clearly about the cyber terrorism.The article explains the methods of cyber terrorism attack and tools for cyber terrorism. After a great research and with certain examples the article precisely explains the laws in India to prevent cyber terrorism and helps one to prevent themselves from cyber terrorism .

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