6 thoughts on “इंटरनेट सेक्स क्राइम से सावधान

  1. I’m agree with this article, now’s days cyber crime is equivalent to terrorism, which play with ours privacy.
    Some people think they are aware about cyber crime and they are able to protect their data but this is not easy like we think. People have to think twice before sharing something about their privacy to others, sometimes receiver account are hacked and our data will be on darknet in few seconds.
    We have to aware people as much as we can, more than 50% people not aware about law regarding cybercrime.

  2. Well written article. It is often seen in today’s world that the private images and videos of people get leaked or posted on social media. This article touches upon the minutest of details and gives information about every aspect and area where this new type of cyber crime might take place. The research going into this article seems very comprehensive and shows that attention to detail has been given.

  3. This article is very informative and useful for the people who don’t know about such crimes and they may become victims of such cyber crimes. Even some people do not file a complain against such crimes because of the fear of defamation or the fear of any kind of harm which may be done to them. We need to remove such kind of fear from people by making them aware about certain laws which are made to protect the victims of such cyber crimes.

  4. Internet Sex crimes are common in each state to differing degrees. Of these, numerous wrongdoers are indicted for violations including collaborations through the web. Some utilization profiles to catch the consideration of explicit individuals, while others make or appropriate illicit substance, for example, youngster sex entertainment. While many have a sense of security cruising the web while accepting they are mysterious, many are uninformed of exactly how observed some are when perusing on the web. Not all web violations might be found, yet those that are might be brutally punished when indicted.

  5. Sex crime is taking its dangerous phase nowadays as people target the pictures and videos of couples and girls for sake of few benefits. its very shameful. Descriptive article.

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