11 thoughts on “Impact of Coronavirus on Online Entertainment Industry

  1. There is only negative impact of corona in daily life also. Every sector like entertainment industry or any textile industry or any other local industry all are suffered because of corona.

  2. Corona has been hard on every sector, and is causing problem to everyone and in every feild of work, very informative article

  3. Corona virus pandemic has proved to be a great opportunity to expand business and gain fame in the market for the entertainment industry. Today you will hardly see anyone who doesn’t us Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. And if by chance you belong to that one percent population who doesn’t use these apps, you are “so called boring and old fashioned”. Other entertainment apps are doing their best to be part of the list, some example Voot and Hotstar. They indirectly force the viewer to buy their subscription by showing long duration advertisements during the shows. students spend hours watching shows on these apps instead of studying. This is for sure a bad impact of this virus.
    The article was helpful in explaining this concept in much better way.

  4. very good article, though it should have focused more on how the cinema can reopen, should have suggested some measures keeping in mind social distancing, some kind of cinema adjustments in seats etc, lesser people in the hall with compartmentalization.

  5. This article sums up everything perfectly Corona has been hard on every sector, and is causing problem to everyone and in every feild of work, very informative article

  6. This article precisely explain what TV industry, movie industry and online entertainment industry is facing due to this pandemic situation.
    Online industry is benefiting from this situation which in return is at some point is helpful for economy.
    This is a very informative article and author have clarity in his thoughts and is able to deliver the same. Keep up the good work.

  7. This Article have come up with a new topic which actually plays very important role during lockdown.

  8. Covid-19 has a great effect on most of the sectors of the industry. This article explains about the situation of online platforms in this critical time. The article explains that online platforms are mostly used by the user rather than television and how we could use them safely. It also explains the issue of piracy and some instances in which the guidelines of IPR were infringed. There is absolutely a need for stringent policies and laws regarding the same.

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