7 thoughts on “Hacker group “REvil” hits an A-listed celeb law firm

  1. I feel that this is a great article however the proper meaning and functioning of ransomware is not put across in a way which would be clear to the readers. But it’s a great and very informative article.

  2. Great article showcasing the danger and the extent of ransomware ways to prevent from it though its functioning may not be clear to some but its a very informative article.

  3. I usually like to read celebrity news and their legal issues and so this article is one of my favourite one and I love the way the author of the article has kept the article simple and without much fabrications but at the same time I feel that more information should have been written on the ways of prevention from hackers asking for Ransomeware.

  4. How a very well repudiated firm becomes a victim of ransomware. Awareness of cybercrimes needs to be spread and its prevention too.

  5. Nice article.. Actually, it’s make me think deep about that such a big well known company can do like this..

  6. Good article.here biggest firms are also nowdays becoming targets.despite of various provisions such as IT rules,2011 . more such laws are required especially on phishng which is covered u.s.66D and sec 43of IT Act.

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