2 thoughts on “फेसबुक प्रोफाइल को सायबर अपराधियों द्वारा हेक !

  1. Vwry instructive article!!
    Facebook today ahs become one of the most common social media platform where people are spending most of their times and a major number of those people don’t know the basic security means they should adhere to for protecting themselves from hacking and identity theft. And in such a situation, this article serves the best source of information for safeguarding our FB accounts.

  2. Thanks for giving such a wonderful advisory.
    Facebook crime has increased a lot in today’s time. Not only ordinary people but many big celebrities have also become victims. Every day, someone falls prey to it. If we Follow the mentioned advisory, we can avoid Facebook hacking.
    If each person changes a password in 3-4 days and gives such a unique password. So some degree of Facebook hacking can be avoided.

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