7 thoughts on “E- banking in India

  1. E- Banking has not only benefited the banks but also the people. Remember those never ending lines for paying water and electricity bills, now we can pay those bills in comfort of our homes just by a click. E- Banking has made a huge difference to our lives. Though, as mentioned in the article there are still some loopholes such as concept of ATM’s which requires more protection.

  2. E-banking is great ideation made the lives of people easy in order for translation , buying products.

  3. From the advent of the digital India campaign it is been affirmed to most of the banks to provide for internet based services more effectively and to make the various operations related to managing an back account hasle free. Now one can transfer money , open an account , apply for loans and more. With that there are also some issues like network shutdown, technical issues, crashes and bugs , glitches , spamwares, phishing and frauds. Banks are doing no it out of market demand and to attract more customers but they are not paying attention towards the security of the data of thier users . Although it is helpful for us to use these services it is also proving difficult for those who don’t know how to use gadgets or are not aware about the risks.

  4. In this digital world e-banking would be a great idea which make people comfortable and easier for banking through internet.By reading this amazing article one can easily understand what is e-banking also the article explains the reason why most of the traditional banks are opting for providing services in the form of internet banking which is helpful for even better understanding about the e-banking

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