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  1. Very detailed , well structured and elaborate article this article also technical aspects are also covered . Some sort of data would have been more helpful with this regarding how in reality police force of India deals with issues like cyber crime .

  2. This article is again a very informative piece, which explains briefly and very clearly as to how cyber crimes and how their investigation can be done efficiently and effectively. However, there are certain punctuation errors and certain spelling mistakes, which need to be proofread before the article is published, but otherwise, it is a highly informative article.

  3. The article coverd all the techincal issues faced by a victim and how the victim will be protected against these attacks.

  4. About the investigation of cyber crime investigation very few would have a thorough knowledge and this article has provided the clear on point information. Specially at the end the mentioning of cybercrime investigator and tools are very informative.

  5. Such a rare but important information which is definitely very essential to see the insides of this large network which can be impactful in many ways. In order to foresee the impacts and crime arising out of it, it’s very important we are aware about this type of information.

  6. The article proves to be very much intellectual and informative, when it ends to the readers. The article brings questions to the answer ,which everyone wants to be answered, that is how cyber crime investigation happens and get initiated??? The article to much extict brings out the point that who is cyber crime investigator, what is digital forensics,etc. The article is trying to end up, by bringing the field of cyber crimes investigation, making the article end on a very key note that is how digital and cyber forensics be acheived and can be achieved in the field of Cyber Security.

  7. This article explores the different ways of cyber investigation in a very nice manner. The basic questions which come into mind during the investigation are answered through this article. It also talks about cyber forensics and about various agencies which plays vital role in the investigation process.

  8. This article is a very informative. It effectively deals with some basic questions like how cyber crimes are investigated, what is the process of investigating cyber crimes and what tools and techniques are used to solve the crime. it is important for us to know about process of investigating of such crimes, because then only we can aware more and more people about cyber crimes and prevent them from happening.

  9. The article is very informative stating the various steps that are followed in cybercrime investigation and the possible tools used in this process . The process itself is very risky and a lot of precautions are taken while conducting such tasks as even a small wrong hit on the “enter” key might fee the fugitive .

  10. This articles addresses something which is unknown to most of the people out there i.e. can a crime which is committed against us in the cyber world be investigated and can the criminal ever be found?
    This article answers this very question and in detail. It must be read and must reach to masses such that they know that they have protection in law against any cyber crime.

  11. This article gives all the information regarding cyber crime investigation. A lot of national and federal agencies use interviews and surveillance reports to obtain proof of cyber crime. Surveillance involves not only security cameras, videos and photos, but also electronic devices surveillance that details what’s being used and when,how it’s being used, and all the digital behavior involved.

  12. This article is being well structured and highly informative that it elaborate how the cyber crime investigation is being processed. Also the article elucidate the top cyber crime investigation and forensic tools

  13. Are you searching for a complete package of knowledge this article is that on the topic of cybercrime investigation? This article discusses all the things about the topic of cybercrime investigation in a detailed and structured way. The Article addressed some of the most important questions on the topic and also it presents us that what are the tools used in investigation. I would like to suggest that it is lacking in one part it is about what is the scenario of cybercrime in recent times as with the change of situation in the pandemic, how the investigation in present time changes. If this also included then it would be a great piece of informative article.

  14. While the article does mention about role of ISPs in tracking the cyber offender, it can be very easily bypassed by the offender by simply using a Virtual Private Network on a virtual machine and using proxy for enhanced encryption. Browser like tor, which grant access to onion sites are very much anonymous when it comes to user location and this is a threat to the investigation team. Although these browsers are meant strictly for protecting the privacy of the user, the malicious parts of the society tend to use it in their own favour!

  15. The article could have been a way lot better. Nothing about cyber crime investigation techniques was discussed. Nothing about preventive measures were given. Nothing about proper evidence seizure was explained. Even steps to maintain legality of cyber crimes was not mentioned. In my regards the data is inadequate.

  16. A well structured and very informative article, I can learn a lot from this article like the way of investigating a cyber crime, tools and technologies that we can use to investigate a cyber crime. please explain some more of the same category.

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