17 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS – “A Dark World in Technology”

  1. The is the best article among all the article have read on the same topic and the topic chosen by the author is the much needed topic which should be addressed and have been expressed in the very proper format and manner but at the last author should add some points related to provisions and legal framework of the topic.

  2. This article is very informative and made me aware of the technology related issues of corona virus. Apart from providing information, the author has motivated and included a call for action. However, it would be better if the author could mention some legal provisions under which these acts are an offence for a clear understanding.

  3. Seriously this needs to stopped, misguiding others through these social media apps and creating threat among people. People also without cross check just forward the false and fake news to others. Awareness must be there about what is true and what is not.

  4. Literally this is a rediculous thing to spread hatred , wrong , misguiding information on social platforms amid In corona virus pandemic …govt and competent authorities should punished all those who are sharing fake news in social Platforms ..

  5. The article is very informative and much needed. People are believing on all rumors that are being spread through social media and then reacting upon it. We do not need hatred during a global pandemic. It is a very well written article for a layman but I do feel that specific legal provisions should have been mentioned.

  6. its a true fact the most of the people in our society right now are believing more to what these “social media universities” are saying rather than what what official government sites and good reliable news channels and paper are saying. This article is something all these people should try reading and understand the mistakes they are making. Instead of misunderstanding and communicating hate and false news they should help people understand the right! Really good attempt and really good topic for current scenario.

  7. Legit a great article .Day after day India is becoming a more tech savvy country and this technology revolution brings few drawbacks too . people here believes what they hear and few illiterates uses social media for disturbing the peaceful coexistence of society by spreading fake and derogatory messages which leads to riots and other mishaps . Even in this pandemic people are not stopping from spreading fake news . Great article and it do covers all relevant points but you could’ve mentioned the section 505(1) of IPC and IT ACT.

  8. One of the very best topic is fake news and the need to resolve this issue is much more than ever.
    this write up will surely make one understand the repurcussions it could pose and i think through this article an ordinary individual can get insights of this dark world and educate and aware themselves.

  9. The author has chosen most apt topic taking in consideration the current time of crises. Social media has become a tool of spreading false information in this time of crises. The author rightly mentions that the government is facing twin challenge. In addition, the efforts made my newspapers and new channels are also appreciative, in making endless attempts to distinguish fake information from authentic one.

  10. This article is extremely required in the present scenario to aware everyone that before forwarding any news from different sources they have to check first whether the news is correct or not being a rationale citizen.

  11. Great article which represents the today’s reality of spreading rumours faster than Corona virus. It awares people for not sharing fake information which can cause threat to anyone in this critical situation

  12. Though the article covers the stuff that needs to be covered, I would have been preferred seeing what steps the author has taken to prevent spread of rumours personally. Some instances along with the steps taken by the government would have also been informative. There are a few grammatical errors as well.

  13. Facts! People don’t keep in mind the repercussions that every click or every forward holds with it. Mindless anger without any background check is extremely toxic and problematic. The lynchings are often traced back to mindless rumours that circulate and create an unnecessary havoc. Loved this article.

  14. Nice article showcasing the reality of our society in the period of this emergency due to global pandemic and one of the biggest issue of fake news and rumours.It is true that these rumours spread even faster than the virus and sometimes lynchings are often traced back to thses mindless rumours. So it’s our responsibility to stay away and report these fake news.

  15. it is a true fact that corona virus is the darkest pandemic but yes our technology is not behind. This rumor game is very popular in India which is wrong, during this hard time some people are spreading rumors about corona virus.

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