1. There are reports that a large amount of data is going online for sale and most of it consist of Indian origin. If you know how to access darkweb you can access that information in around 70 dollars. This is a threat because these reports show that how easily they have got access to the information. We need a protocol for countering such threats , because an insecure data is no less than a full fledged terrorist attack.

  2. Unlike the strict EU laws, in India we are far away from making the large brands like facebook, google to handle the data of our population very carefully and not to sell it to advertisers! Cheap smartphone brands which provide budget phones to almost 70% of our country, are able to cut their costs by making huge profits on selling user data!
    We need much more effective laws and for that, we need people with better understanding of these threats, to suggest the ministers about the same.

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