6 thoughts on “Laws governing E-commerce in India

  1. An emerging issues and this article mentions the provisions related to it. A well structured and researched article.

  2. A well structured article containing detailed explanation of regulatory provisions governing the E-commerce industry in India. However, a recent update in the e-commerce policy regime, i.e., the Draft National E-commerce Policy, 2019 is lacking. The article could have evaluated the provisions regarding FDI proposed in the Draft Policy for a comprehensive analysis for the laws governing E-Commerce policy in India. The views expressed are my personal opinion and open to criticism.

  3. Laws relating to commercial transactions and protecting consumers are based on state by state and national.Law also provide consumer with remedies such uniform commercial code

  4. This article beautifully explains about e-commerce sector which is widely used in today’s world. It has become a kind of daily basis need for some of us. This article mentions the basic information we need to know about commerce and also about the provisions in the specific legislation.

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