7 thoughts on “Laws for cyber crime in India.

  1. It is important to understand the laws pertaining to cybercrime. let us all be aware of the cybercrime happening around us and not be a prey to one

  2. This article basically deals with the law relating to cyber security and crime Ie Information Technology Act 2000 which punishes various cyber crime with imprisonment for certain period or with fine or both.Such types of strict laws are needed to be enacted by Parliament and State Legislatures to protect people .

  3. Cyber Law in India is in infant stage. It is developing day by day in terms of meaningful and comprehensive legal provisions on hand hand and case laws on the other.

  4. Cyber laws in India are old and do not justify all forms of cybercrimes happening nowadays. These laws need to be updated.

  5. A well articulated and concise article enlisting the most common cyber crimes and the laws governing such activities.

  6. The article is presented here beautifully by the author, with the required basic material for knowing laws for cyber crime in India.
    The article has a proper structure.

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