1. As the cyber law is still developing the scope of digital evidence is limited as of now in India .

  2. While the process now it carefully documents, I feel the required training should be given to the local law enforcement officials.

  3. With the introduction of IT Act 2002 the Indian Evidence Act wasade even more effective then it was before including digital evidence as admissible in court fascilates not only court but also the parties involved however it is really difficult to prove the credibility given the software and their reach nowadays but with time soon we will see an era of digital litigation .

  4. As technology is advancing we need to prevent us to use limited data types or hide from the online world

  5. The article here is an introduction to evolution happening in the area of data evidence under data forensics. Earlier in many articles the readers were made well versed with the concept of data forensics, how it helps in tracking cyber crimes, therein how data is analysed to produce a evidence in cases as mentioned in the above article, etc. There are number of challenges data forensics is facing like, which is hampering them to work with great speed. The article at basic level trying to tell that how mechanism of data evidence has established so far and challenges which will be faced in future…..

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