13 thoughts on “E contract Law

  1. Great article. I think types of e-contracts could have been explained in more detail because that plays a major role in determining the rights and liabilities of both the parties.

  2. Nice article. But i think the provisions of the IT can be made more explainatory and the types of e contracts can be explained in a better way.And to explain it more clearly more cases can be mentioned.

  3. Great article but in my opinion more cases could’ve been mentioned rather than sticking onto only one case.

  4. Very knowledgable article, there are many loopholes from which a other party can benefit. In this pandemic situation E-contracts will come in a picture with larger impact and people will use it in a larger scale, it is necessary that everyone knows it pros and cons and use it efficiently and effectively.

  5. Well written article. I would like to share some of my thoughts. Indian contract Act talks about telephonic communication, letter communication, but doesn’t talk about emails and e-contracts. It is the cases on courts that became precedents and thus law. Thus, clarification on e-contracts is much needed. There are many loopholes because laws are not precise for it. There are many cons regarding this which should be known by all.

  6. Nice article but I think that more information or more cases highlighting rights and responsibilities of both the parties could have been provided so that the reader could understand it better otherwise it’s a nice article

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us. I have no doubt that your reader base will continue to grow as how easily and in a good way you have explained this topic.

  8. Beautiful article with simple language.nowdays e-contracts are essential for Speed and convenience instead of paper based contracts.but there has to be legal consider and legal purpose behind making contrqcts.so as to check it’s validity various provisions are there such as new sec.10-A is inserted into IT amendment act.sec 11of it act 2000 state abt attribution of e-records to originator, sec 12 (1)states about acknowledgement of receipt if IT act are main pillars .

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