4 thoughts on “Defamation on Social Media Platforms

  1. A very thought provoking article. I would have liked a more legal perspective to this since the author says that section 499 is wide enough to accommodate cyber deformation but at the same time section 503 is talking about the cyber intimidation to damage one’s reputation. What is the difference between the two ?

    1. The fundamental requirement for invoking Section 499 is that a person must publish defamatory statement against another person over the Internet, with the intention of harming such person’s reputation in the society.
      Whereas, for invoking Section 503, the occurrence of act of defamation is not required. Mere threatening over the Internet to cause damage to one’s reputation is enough to establish guilt under this section.

  2. Defamation is a very powerful tool used by most of the propagandist to criticize a person or an organisation. The cost of one such tweet or a post can risk a person’s normal lifestyle, their job and even their lives.

  3. A well-written article on defamation. Including some case laws on cyber defamation would be better and the recent obiter dicta on such judgement can help the audience get an overview of the upcoming changes in this field. And the provisions in the IT Act for the same can also be discussed.

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