4 thoughts on “Are laws enough to prevent and reduce the cybercrime?

  1. The laws relating to cyber crimes are not enough but it is not even less, the need is that the citizen have to be aware about these existing laws and to have knowledge about the procedures and crimes.
    Otherwise there will no benefit to enact new laws when the citizens are unaware

  2. Laws can only provide you justice and compensation but they cant provide you or compensate the mental harassment you gone through by cyber crimes. So as said above prevention is better than cure so it is better to have full security on your accounts and be active in every situation so that you dont have to be in such condition where your privacy is disturbed. Our government make many laws but what when people dont even have the proper knowledge of the law. So, first people must have awareness about cyber crime, how to protect themselves from such crimes, measures and suggestions to deal with it. Only then the laws cab be helpful.

  3. It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. To prevent yourself first is better than to cure yourself as same as it its better to save yourself from the cyber crime first and then to go after laws to provide you compensation but no law can provide you compensation for the mental harrasment you gone through. So only on themselves can protect them from the crime law can only provide you justice but cant prevent the loss by being caused by cyber crime. So firstly the person should be aware of the cyber crime and laws then only one can prevent themselves.

  4. The laws to punish the cyber criminals are not enough. As the article mentions, the mental trauma that the victim goes through can’t be compensated with a mere amount of money.
    What we require is strong laws against such crimes.

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