3 thoughts on “After the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ comes another dangerous ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’

  1. The skullbreaker Challenge is trending I urge you all to show your children and parents and teach them this is really dangerous. It can break skull and can cause some serious problem. This is not the first time an online trend has caused concerns. Social media is infamous for such outrageous and dangerous stunts such as the cinnamon challenge and the very famous Kiki challenge, which involved getting out of a moving car and dancing along it to rapper Drake’s song “In my feelings”.

  2. This article is a very important read for everyone. It is strictly advisable to not follow such online trends.

  3. I have heard about this game Skull breaker from this article only though I had heard about blue whale earlier. This article has opened my eyes towards the new threat to younger children and I thank the author for this. I would surely guide and child playing this game not to play it after reading this article.

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