8 thoughts on “Most of the Indian teenagers are victim to online bullying. 

  1. Well said Yogda. Social media has to be used with great responsibility. Time has come that we need strict laws and monitoring on the virtual world too.

  2. Good job Yogada, very nice work. You have selected a topic appropriate to current time. Well structured and data based. The article helps understand the issue, it’s effect and also present some solutions. I liked the line “cyber world reflects the real….”.
    Keep up the good work. Waiting for many more to come from your pen or should I say keypad ?????

  3. The article has been written in very lucid language which enables young readers to read it with ease and understanding. According to Norton Cybercrime Report 2012, 66% of Indian online adults have been a victim of cyber fraud in their lifetime. In the past 12 months, 56% of online adults in India have experienced cyber fraud. This serious information has been portrayed through your article.

  4. Online buying is something that teenagers these days are facing. To put an end to this is a very difficult task.
    This article helps the readers to understand the current situation of the teenagers who are being bullied. The writer also shares few measures to not be a victim of this bullying.
    Great work

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